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Jersey's transport network is safe

Number of road traffic collisions resulting in death or serious injury per 1,000 population

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Most people use Jersey's roads every day, as drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians and they should be able to do so safely. This indicator tracks the number of collisions in which people are either killed or seriously injured (as defined by national police recording rules). This is the most reliable measure because such incidents are the most likely to be reported to the police. The indicator is measured per 1,000 population to take into account the effect of a rising population over time.

Research of incidents over the last decade showed that about 20% to 25% of serious injuries each year are deemed life-threatening or life-changing.  

While Jersey's roads are safer today than 20 years ago, it has proved difficult to achieve a consistent reduction in crashes resulting in serious injury over the last decade. 

2022 saw a increase in the rate of serious road traffic collisions resulting in serious injury per 1,000 population, from 0.43 per 1,000 in 2021 to 0.59. 

Please note that from 2015 the mid year population estimates (from the Population & Migration Statistics Report 2011-2021) were used to calculate this measure.


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