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% of Islanders who rate their life satisfaction as 7 or more out of 10


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What is this about?

This indicator is used internationally to measure and compare quality of life. The data is gathered from the Jersey Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, which surveys a representative sample of adults in Jersey. Respondents score themselves between zero and ten in answer to the question: ‘Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays?’, with zero being not at all satisfied and ten being completely satisfied. The indicator counts those who score seven or more as a % of total responses. Before 2017, a different version of the question was used but Jersey's results can now be compared directly with those produced in the UK and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

In 2020, the proportion of adults reporting high levels of life satisfaction was 64% - similar to the result in 2019. Both scores are significantly below the 82% recorded in 2018. Just 16% scored themselves a nine or ten compared to 27% in 2018. The proportion scoring themselves four or less out of ten was 15% compared to 11% in 2019 and just 3% in 2018.

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