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% of Islanders who rarely or never socialise with people outside their household


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What is this about?

Humans are social creatures, and social contact is fundamentally important to us. Just 59% of Islanders who reported never or rarely socialising outside their household in 2018 reported high levels of life satisfaction compared to 84% of Islanders who socialised daily or weekly with people outside their household. Social isolation is a proven predictor of loneliness and premature mortality.

This indicator uses the Jersey Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, which surveys a representative sample of adults in Jersey, to monotor social isolation. Respondents are asked: 'How often do you socialise (face-to-face) with people outside of your household?', and can answer: daily; weekly; monthly; rarely; or, never. This indicator measures the proportion of people who say rarely or never.

In 2018, 6% of adults in Jersey rarely or never socialised face-to-face with people outside their own household. By comparison, more than eight out of ten adults reported socialising face to face with people outside their own household at least weekly. Less than one in five (17%) adults who socialised outside their household daily said they felt lonely often or some of the time, compared to around a third of adults who rarely or never socialised outside their household.

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