Quality of life in Jersey benefits from a thriving arts, culture and heritage sector

% of Islanders who took part in at least one cultural activity in the previous 12 months


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What is this about?

This data is collected using the Jersey Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (JOLS), which surveys a representative sample of adults in Jersey. Its purpose is to track participation in cultural activities, so respondents are asked how often they have taken part in a range of different cultural activities, such as drama, dance, singing, reading, crafts, in the last 12 months.

In 2018, 31% of adults in Jersey had actively participated in some form of cultural activity. Reading fiction or poetry (20%) was the most common actitvity, followed by arts or craft (painting, drawing and photography) at 11% and playing musical instruments or singing (8%).

The JOLS question used to obtain this data has only been asked once to-date, but going forward will be asked on a regular basis in order to establish a trend over time.

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