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% of Islanders who say they feel lonely often or some of the time


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What is this about?

Loneliness can occur at any point in life and is likely to affect most of us at some point. It becomes a more serious issue, associated with poor health outcomes, when experienced frequently. Prolonged loneliness can seriously impact an individual’s well-being. This new indicator uses data from the Jersey Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, which surveys a representative sample of adults in Jersey, to monitor loneliness in the Island. Respondents are asked how often they feel lonely and can give a range of responses from never to often.

In 2018, 21% of adults in Jersey said that they feel lonely either often (7%) or some of the time (14%). A similar question asked in the UK in showed about 6% of adults reporting feelings of loneliness often or always (2018-19). 

This indicator was first introduced in 2018 and will be updated on a regular basis to monitor change over time.

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