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CDS: # Clients Served, by FY

376FY 2020

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Written by: Cathy Aikman

DATA LAST UPDATED Jeff Rothenberg February 2021

WCMHS provides a comprehensive range of services to adults with mental illness, children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbances, and people with developmental disabilities. It also provides outpatient, outreach, and emergency services for individuals with a broad range of mental health needs, as well as support for families and caregivers. These census counts are the numbers of active clients who received billable services across all programs within the division. When clients are counted by program the census is muct higher because individual clients can be enrolled in multiple programs. On average, clients were served by 2.7 different programs within CDS during FY14. In addition, WCMHS provides services to many individuals within the community who are not actively enrolled clients. These individuals are not included in the above census counts.

Between FY10 and FY12 the number of clients served in CDS decreased by approximately 10%.

The number of billable services for each FY14, FY13, FY12, FY11, FY10, FY9, FY8

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