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CYFS: # Services Provided, by FY

66,644FY 2020

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Story Behind the Curve

Written by: Cathy Aikman/Joe Murray

Last Updated: Data for 2015-2020 from Mike Modica

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The service counts in this graph represent billed services provided directly to active, identified clients. Residential Services are included as one service per day. In addition to these services, WCMHS provides many services to the community and individuals in a variety of settings which are not billed and not included in these service counts. WCMHS provides a comprehensive range of services to adults with mental illness, children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbances, and people with developmental disabilities. It also provides outpatient, outreach, and emergency services for individuals with a broad range of mental health needs, as well as support for families and caregivers.

Overall since 2009, the # of services provided has decreased in our Children, Youth and Family Services Division, by approximately 16%, this coincides with the # of clients being served which has decreased overall as well by 4% for the same time period. However, most recently the # of services being provided increased from FY12 to FY13 by almost 4% (the # clients has slightly decreased by 1%). This could be a result of clients needing more intensive services and acute care.

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