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CCPS: Client Satisfaction- % Clients Believe The Services I Received Made a Difference, by FY

92%FY 2020

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Updated by: Lynn Jones

Last Updated: October 28, 2019

WCMHS administered its 8th Client Satisfaction Survey in May 2019 (5/20/19 - 6/7/2019) across 5 agency divisions. This administration was implemented in coordination with the School Based Client Satisfaction Survey to help alleviate the issue of survey fatigue. The School Based Survey incorporated the same core questions as the general WCMHS Client Satisfaction Survey in accordance with the Statewide Unified Satisfaction Survey. For fidelity of the survey all clients/consumers were asked the same six questions as all other Designated Agencies: "I received the help I needed", "I received the services that were right for me", "Staff treated me with respect", "The services I received made a difference", "My quality of life has improved as a result of the services I received", and "I would recommend this program to a friend or colleague." An additional question was added for Developmental Services recipients only, "I like where I live."  Consumers were asked to respond to 12 questions assessing agency and staff quality as well as a rating their experience of the services they received using a 5-point Likert scale. These 12 questions were followed with 1 question asking for the likelihood to recommend WCMHS to a friend or a colleague using a 0-10 scale and a write-in comment section.


   571      Agency –wide (5/20/19 – 6/7/19)

+ 120     CYFS School Based Services (May 2019)

  691       Total = [691 Agency-wide surveys collected/3961 unique clients served = ~17.44% response rate]

Overall, 92.44% of CCPS respondents provided a positive response (6-10 on increasing scale) to the question, "I would recommend this program to a friend or colleague."

"Extremely Likely" (10)-56.98% (9)-12.79%

FY 18:

745 Total Respondents agency wide = [573 surveys collected/4276 unique clients served = ~17.42% Agency response rate]

220 Total Responses CCPS = [220 CCPS surveys collected/1839 unique CCPS clients served = ~11.96% CCPS response rate]

CCPS experienced an increase in responses this year, 191 to 220.

Overall, 86.05% of respondents believe, "The services I received made a difference": Strongly Agree- 57.67% and Agree- 28.37%.


573 Total = [573 surveys collected/3,892 unique clients served = ~14.72% response rate]

Overall, 91.02% of respondents believe, "The services I received made a difference": Strongly Agree- 63.47% and Agree- 27.54%.


796 Total = 20% response rate.

For CCPS, the # of surveys collected decreased from 244 to 191.

Overall, 91% respondents believe, "The services I received made a difference": Strongly Agree- 60.73% and Agree- 29.84%.

CCPS Collection Results
FY 15 244
FY 16 191
FY 17 172 (down 9.9%)
FY 18 220

WCMHS' client satisfaction survey is administered in accordance with Vermont Care Partner's United Consumer Satisfaction survey. Survey questions were created and vetted through The VT Council's Outcomes Group, that worked together to write one evaluation tool that was used across the DA's.

The outcomes and successful survey administration could not be possible without the dedicated WCMHS staff that work either directly with clients or through administrative and/or leadership roles, as well as a Quality Assurance Coordinator who oversees the administration process.

What Works

To standardize measures, outcome definitions and survey tools, the VT Council Outcomes Group has coordinated the dissemination of the Client Satisfaction Survey for all DA's. This approach works as it helps our agencies, as a system of care, talk about the work that we do in a unified and meaningful way.

At WCMHS, in order to facilitate participation, surveys were disseminated across the agency and were created and administered with specific respect for each of our Divisions. Within the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services division, paper copies, and a computer kiosk were provided within the waiting room area. During the administration period, front office staff requested of each person who came into the office for services to complete the survey by whichever method they preferred. CCPS clinical staff also encouraged the people they serve to complete the survey and offered support when needed to complete the process. To ensure that multiple requests were not made, front office personnel maintained a list of who had been given the survey. This was useful in reducing the possibility of one person completing multiple surveys as well as reducing the likelihood of frustration by receiving multiple requests.

All answered remained anonymous; however, staff provided assistance to respondents when appropriate and requested. Our survey design in particular also seems to work well for a successful administration: A one-page, colorful, illustrated survey for ease of participation.

Action Plan

WCMHS will continue to work with the VT Council's Outcome Group to obtain guidance and support surrounding survey administration and with meeting our goal of increasing response rates.

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