Circles (Annual) (Dorchester County FY19-20)

Story Behind the Curve

Circles Teams recruitment started during COVID 19.  The first half of the year we spent ramping up the program by hiring a coordinator, developing outreach materials, and community outreach and education to recruit potential leaders and allies anticipating that in person meeting options would open back up.  We successfully developed all materials and were able to do outreach/education in small groups.  The team successfully recruited Circles leaders and allies.  The planning team was trained and a training scheduled was developed for the training of the first Circles leaders and allies.  

Program Summary

Circles, USA is an approach that partners volunteers and community leaders with families wanting to make the journey out of poverty. The Circles design team works with community leaders and a planner to establish a comprehensive poverty reduction plan that is customized to utilize the unique strengths of the community in meeting its challenges to reducing poverty.

Target Population

Individuals receiving TANF funds and are ready to move into the workforce & businesses in the area of hospitality trades.  

Early Head Start/Headstart that are looking to increase their job skills.

Individuals reentering the community from detention that have young children.  

Data Discussion

Limited data for this program as it was brand new strategy, COVID 19 challenges and individuals had not been engaged long enough in the program to get data for how well and better off measures.  More complete data expected mid year FY 22.  

Scorecard Result Container Indicator Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy