Community Capacity Training (Annual) (Dorchester County FY19 and Beyond)

Story Behind the Curve
Program Summary

ACES/Trauma Informed Training

Training objectives are:

- Define Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma & Toxic Stress

- Understand the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on education, the brain and development

- Outline the components of a Trauma Informed School

- Build awareness of self and develop self-care routines

- Expand their toolbox for addressing brain-based behaviors and responding to children who have experienced trauma

Racial Equity Training

Training objectives are:

- Demonstrate increased self-awareness of racial, ethnic and class biases

- Define cultural and linguistic competency and indicate familiarity with the states of cultural competence

- Describe the implication of demographic trends for health and mental health disparities

- Identify links between racial, social educational and health inequities and disparities

- Integrate National CLAS standards into practice and service providing

- Describe how cultural beliefs shape clinical beliefs shape clinical encounters and patients health and mental health outcomes

Incorporate cultural linguistic competence into service providing

Target Population

- Members of the Board of Education, School Administrative staff, individual school staff and Head Start staff


- Available County wide with all encouraged to participate

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FY 2020
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