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Family Centered Support Services (Washington FY18 and Beyond) Annual


  • Hagerstown Community College
  • Washington County Public Schools
  • Washington County Department of Social Services
  • Washington County Free Library
  • Brook Lane Health Services
  • CASA
  • HUB at University Systems of Maryland Hagerstown 
  • Judy Center 
  • Otterbein United Methodist Church for the Teen MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) Program 

Action Plan

The Adult Education Program was previously offered to families two times a week; the program will now be available to all families 4 times a week with the expectation that GED graduation rates will increase as well as educational gains. The Family Center will partner with Head Start and Judy Center to offer a 24/7 dads parenting curriculum with a goal of having 12 dads complete the 6 week program and increase father enrollment in the GED program. Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment system will be used for assessing children from birth through kindergarten to evaluate children on school readiness standards.

Program Summary

The Family Center serves pregnant and/or parenting youth and adults by offering a High School Credit Program and/or Adult Education Program where participants can obtain a high school diploma or GED which therefore reconnects them to education. The Family Center also provides case management, job readiness activities and linkage to community resources to assist those who are disconnected from employment. The Center provides services simultaneously to both the pregnant/parenting youth and/or adult as well as providing childcare and kindergarten readiness skills to the participants children who are between the ages of 0 - 4.

Target Population

Pregnant/parenting youth and adults as well as children ages 0-4 of parents receiving services from the Family Center. 

Governor's Strategic Goal

Disconnected Youth 


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