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Family Education/Parenting (Wicomico County FY17 and Beyond) Annual

Story Behind the Curve

This program was not funded in Half Year 1 of FY19. 

Using the Active Parenting curriculum, parenting education classes will be provided to parents and caregivers in Wicomico County to help improve parenting and communication styles, strengthen family relationships, and improve outcomes for youth in Wicomico County.


  • Wicomico County Detention Center
  • Re-Entry Mediation
  • Project Seek
  • Wicomico County Detention Center
  • Recorvery Resource Center
  • Village of Hope

What Works

Promote the curriculum with enthusiasm and encourage participants to utilize the research-based practices to determine the effectiveness and the positive changes that will occur in their family dynamics. Provide incentives such as meals during trainings and give aways which include self-care and hygienic products. 


Once selected, the vendor will use evidence –based curriculum for parent education & teen education.

Who We Serve

The prioritized indicator is Child Poverty. 

How We Impact

Governor Larry Hogan has prioritized this result to help families become safe and economically stable. 

Target Population

Families impacted by incarceration and homeless.

Governor's Strategic Goal

Reduce the Impact of Parental Incareration on Children, Families, and Communities.

Measurement Tool Used

Sheets


Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
% Change

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