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Conversations on Race (Talbot County FY17 and Beyond) - Annual

Story Behind the Curve

The TFN Board identified racial disparities as a key concern during the FY16 Community Planning process. Racial disparities are substantial for 100% of Talbot’s Priority Indicators: Child Poverty, Youth Employment, High School Dropout Rate, Hunger, and Mental Health.  People of color in Talbot County are 2+ times more likely to experience poverty, unemployment, disconnection, and hunger.  In the Community Plan’s Executive Summary, “programming to move people in poverty towards self-sufficiency and actions to address racism with the ultimate goal of reducing poverty” was named a priority. (Talbot County Community Plan, 2016) 

As part of the Community Planning process in 2019, TFN conducted a community-wide survey in which 44% of respondents ranked racism as a significant issue facing Talbot County. During the TFN Board's FY21 review of data, the Board again identified the presence of racial disparities across all of the selected Results areas chosen for inclusion in this proposal.  The Board found that racial disparities were a clear pattern in Indicators where disaggregated data was available.


  • Participant surveys are administered after every workshop and Conversation on Race session. Feedback is consistently positive with requests for more trainings, discussion, and support made. The TFN Director has also met one-on-one with some workshop attendees from spring FY21 to gain additional feedback and input.
  • The transition to virtual during FY21 allowed for the continued delivery of race equity programming. Community members demonstrated their interest in these opportunities by their ongoing participation and engagement.
  • In addition to attending race equity workshops, the Conversation on Race facilitators received training on facilitation skills.
  • Race equity programming meets community members along a continuum of readiness helping people and groups move through the stages of awareness, acceptance, accountability, alignment, and action.


  • Talbot County Public Schools
  • Talbot County Free Library
  • Previous workshop and Conversation on Race participants

Action Plan


Community of Practice / Conversations on Race

  • Expand to include book group, family conversations, and youth conversations.

Community of Learning / Workshops and Trainings

  • Continue partnership with TCPS to offer introductory race equity seminar
  • Offer 2nd session of Cultural Humility workshop with Dr. Mercedes Avila
  • Offer a series of race equity workshops that proactively empower participants to understand and address racism in their organization and in the community where the organization operates.

Community of Support / Resources

  • Offerings may include race equity audits, facilitator training, and in-house workshops for interested community agencies. Survey to be conducted among interested nonprofits, agencies and other partners.

Program Summary

Talbot Family Network hosts facilitated Conversations on Race for interested community members. This program integrates a Community of Practice strategy with training and tools aimed at building the capacity of community members, leaders, and organizations as change agents. Through this program, we engage participants along a continuum of readiness helping people and groups move through the stages of awareness, acceptance, accountability, alignment, and action.

FY24 Program Components

- Conversatons on Race

- Racial Equity Training

- Talbot Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Book Clubs

- Equity Grants to Talbot Organizations and Agencies

Target Population

Interested community members including but not limited to youth and adults, families and retirees, business owners, organization and agency representatives and staff, elected officials, and faith leaders.


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