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Mentoring and Support Group - Talbot Mentors (Talbot County FY17 and FY18) - Annual

Story Behind the Curve

  • change in leadership of the organization resulted in tracking discrepancy
  • a number of matches that were no longer active but still open were closed
  • personnel change in the schools


  • Talbot County Public Schools
  • Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center
  • BAAM

Action Plan

  • Establish caregiver support groups
  • Offer and encourage participation in family - child events as well as mentee-mentor events
  • Develop recruitment plan for support groups for children
  • Enhance training for mentors

Program Summary

Provide expanded mentoring services for children impacted by incarceration, including individual needs assessment, case management services and a trauma informed therapeutic support group.

Target Population

Talbot County Youth with Incarcerated Parents


Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
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