Partners Afterschool @ Oakland (Garrett County FY17 and Beyond) - Annual


Garrett County Public Schools, The Garrett County Health Department, Department of Social Services, University of Maryland Extension Office, Garrett College, Garrett County Parole and Probation Office, United Way, Deep Creek Pottery, Maryland Coalition of Families, and AdventureSports of Garrett County.

Who We Serve

The Partners After School @ Oakland program serves third through eighth-grade students from Broad Ford Elementary, Yough Glades Elementary, and Southern Middle School.  The program priorities for the Partners After School program include:  Reducing Childhood Hunger, and Increasing Trauma-Informed Services, and Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The program also prioritizes families affected by the local indicator of out-of-home placements including grandparents caring for grandchildren, Foster Care, Kinship Care, and Adoption. The program is held at Southern Middle School (SMS) four days a week from 3:15 PM - 6:00 PM. 


Strategies to improve these indicators

Two-Generation Strategy changes for PAS @ Oakland FY21:

Health Rocks

Health Rocks! The curriculum is a healthy lifestyle choice program for youth ages 10 to 16 sponsored by the National 4-H Council.  It helps youth learn skills such as decision-making, critical thinking, and stress management with an emphasis on the prevention of tobacco, drug, and alcohol use.  This program helps youth take control of their choices and addresses the impact of peer pressure, stress, and other emotional factors.  This program also includes a video "mentoring" series for the parents/guardians.

“Just Like You” Campaign

A campaign about the importance of adults as positive role models (developmental asset #14). After school participants and parents complete an interactive activity being copy cats then took selfies promoting healthy behaviors to post on the Health Department social media outlets.

Financial Literacy

Education/lessons from the University of Maryland Extension Office

Stress Management

Education/lessons GCHD


Food Education/lessons GCHD and University of Maryland Extensions

Snack preparation

GC public school partnership and GCHD

Copy Cats

Positive Role Modeling - GCHD

Parenting skills - ACEs Education


Adventure Sports- Physical Activity

Walking Club - GCHD - AmeriCorps

Program Summary

Partners After School @ Oakland is administered by the Garrett County Health Department and operates Monday through Thursday during the school year from 3-6 PM.  The program serves students from Southern Middle School, Yough Glades Elementary School, and Broad Ford Elementary School who struggle with ACEs related issues and hunger. The program population is made up of approximately 30 third through eighth-grade students. Participants engage in a variety of activities to foster positive mental, social and physical growth by exploring new hobbies, interacting with members of the community, and educational field trips all while learning to make healthy life choices. Education and interactive activites are provided by the Garrett County Health Department centered around electronic vapor produce use with an emphasis on physical activity and healty life choices.  Program participants engage in nightly "Mindfulness" activities including meditation and breathing exercises as well as prevention and food sustainability lessons.  The program offers recreation time and at least forty-five minutes of homework assistance daily.  A meal is prepared by the SMS cafeteria personnel and provided each day.  Enrichment activities occur in partnership with Garrett County Extension Office and Garrett College Adventure Sports.  Family events are held to help parents/caregivers connect to community resources and help provide lessons revolving around food preparation, selection, and sustainability.  Families are made aware of food resources available within the community as well as court self-help programs, ACEs information, and child care subsidy programs during family dinners which include guest speakers from local service providers.  Participating students must meet one or more of the following strategic goals:

  • Governor Hogan:  Reduce Childhood Hunger; Increasing trauma-informed services and preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • Maryland's Child Well Being Result: Families Are Safe and Economically Stable 
  • Local Indicator: Out-of-Home Placements 
Target Population

The Partners After School (PAS) Program of Oakland serves at-risk students in grades 3-8 from Southern Middle School, Broad Ford Elementary School, and Yough Glades Elementary School in Garrett County.  Enrollment in the PAS Program is limited to students from the priority populations of Reducing Childhood Hunger and Increasing Trauma-Informed Services and Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and the local indicator of out-of-home placements.  In an attempt to increase and maintain enrollment, directly related to students meeting one or both of the priority areas, program staff provides outreach to the following agencies: 

  • The Garrett County Extension Office
  • Food Stamp Nutrition Education (FSNE)
  • Garrett County Public Schools
  • The Department of Social Services
  • Garrett County Parole and Probation Office
  • Garrett County Health Department 
  • The Dove Center

The Partners After School Program for FY22 served 34 students throughout the year.  

Governor's Strategic Goal

Reduce Childhood Hunger

Increasing Trauma-Informed Services and Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)


Local Highlight

For School Year 2021-2022 End of Year Data:

  • The program served 34 total students throughout the year with 31 scheduled program days from April through June
  • The program has a new Director, Kristen Walker who is a certified Mindfulness trainer
  • The program boasts a 54% increase in average daily attendance from the 2nd to 4th quarter
  • There were 18 days of enrichment activities including Choose Your Future, AdventureSports, Health Rocks, Prevention Lessons, and STEM Activities
  • There were five (5) field trips including one family adventure, and one family picnic

For School Year 2021-2022 Half Year Data:  

  • Program began September 29th with 36 days of programming
  • 28 students enrolled with 22 enrolled currently
  • COVID has impacted students, staff, and families
  • The program has a new Assistant Director, Candace Jones
  • The program is seeking a new Director
  • The program takes place Monday - Thursday from 3:15-6:00 PM
  • The following activities have been completed:
    • 18 mile walking challenge
    • Health Rocks Lessons
    • Vaping education and prevention interactive lessons
    • Fitness testing
    • Leadership group/mentoring

For School Year 2020-2021 End of Year Data:

  • 99 days of programming with 2 "check-in" days
  • 19 students enrolled in the program at year-end
  • The PAS program was virtual Monday-Wednesday from 5-6 pm and in-person on Thursdays and Fridays beginning May 6th through June 4th
  • Tutoring help was available with an average attendance of 7 students per night
  • A third family meal and ACEs presentation was held on 5/21/21 (rescheduled event from spring 2020)
  • During the family meal students participated in archery, fishing, and hiking at the 4-H camp 
  • PAS purchased fruits and vegetables and taught students how to use peelers, apple slicers, and knives
  • PAS students made fruit and vegetable trays for their families
  • The PAS program has secured space with Southern Middle School for the upcoming school year

For School Year 2020-2021 Half-Year Data:  

  • 29 days of programming due to lack of program space and adjustments due to COVID
  • 16 students were enrolled in the virtual PAS program
  • Using Google Meet, students joined PAS staff Monday - Wednesday to participate in After School program activities
  • Weekly mentoring sessions and "check-ins" are conducted by PAS staff on Thursdays and Fridays
  • A week's worth of meals are delivered to PAS participants homes on Thursday of every week
  • Supplies and materials are also delivered to PAS homes on Thursday for participation in nightly enrichment activities
  • The program hired a third-party tutor to assist students with skills-building and academic struggles
  • All PAS staff completed recertification in basic first aid and CPR effective 1/15/21
  • PAS staff completed a staff development learning series in 21st Century Math presented by Rebecca Wetherbee to research, plan, create, and fully develop a Professional Development Unit specifically for the PAS program focused on increasing tutor/staff comfort through mathematical engagement and best practices and techniques
  • PAS staff have attended several Trauma-Informed Care/Skills and ACEs training and webinars.  ACES education has been added to the monthly newsletters that are sent to the families each month
  • A virtual "family meal" took place on December 30th with frozen pizzas and fresh salad delivered to PAS families from Chicago's Uno's Restaurant.  PAS staff delivered the meals and Emily Bauer, Assistant Director - FIA, Garrett County Department of Social Services, did a live Google Meet presentation highlighting programs and services available to families.  Programs/Services included:  Pandemic SNAP benefits, Supplemental Nutrition Supplement Program (SNAP or known as Food Stamps), Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA), Emergency Assistance Grant, Temporary Disability Assistance Program (TDAP).  A memo was sent to all families with links and phone numbers to access services.

For School Year 2019-2020 End of Year Data:

  • Twenty-eight students were enrolled in the Partners After School program to finish the year.  Thirty-two in all counting students that attended on even or odd days.
  • The program hosted one family meal/workshop with excellent reviews.
  • PAS hosted a "Resource Night" where parents could decorate cookies with their children and learn about the services available through the Maryland Coalition of Families.
  • 15 students with individual education plans or 504 - academic accommodations were served this school year.
  • 9 classes promoting the Health Among Teens (PHAT) and Making a Difference Curriculum were conducted during the school year which moved to a virtual platform to accommodate COVID restrictions.
  • Mindfulness activities were held daily at the end of the program day and before a transition in activities.
  • PAS staff made sure that each family was aware of the COVID meal feeding program and set up services for families to receive the meals.  
  • New to the program this year was "Fitness Testing" administered by the Health Department where students set fitness goals and shared their progress with both staff and parents.
  • Open communication with the Garrett County Health Department, Department of Social Services, and school administration has enabled the recruitment of students and added resources for students and families in the program.  Police Providing Presents and Warm the Children were resources that families connected with through the program.
  • During COVID the Partners After School staff took the program virtual!  PAS staff created videos entitled Virtual Partners After School on which were available to students and the public at large.  Segments included videos on positive health, fitness, and nutrition decisions as well as a pet show, art lessons, and virtual hikes with program staff.
  • During COVID closures, a virtual platform was created for students to participate in STEM activities weekly.  PAS also bought STEM kits and delivered them to each student during the closure.

For School Year 2019-2020 Half-Year Data:

  • Twenty-four students are enrolled in the Partners After School program at this time.  
  • Open communication with Garrett County Health Department supervisors, Department of Social Services and school administration has enabled the recruitment of new students and additional resources for both students and families.
  • Students participate in daily "Mindfulness" activities including breathing exercises and meditation activities. 
  • Two Family Dinners were held where speakers from both the Department of Social Services and the Maryland Coalition of Families provided information regarding the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Emergency Assistance, Maryland Courts Self-Help program, and the Child Care Subsidy program among others.
  • The Promoting Health Among Teens and Making a Difference curriculum has completed 5 out of 9 classes.
  • PAS held a Family Bingo Night including pizza and fun with each family receiving a Thanksgiving food basket complete with a turkey breast voucher, vegetables, gravy, stuffing, and a dessert.  The dinner included a prevention presentation on the dangers of e-cigarettes and vaping suitable for the entire family.
  • Goals and dreams, self-esteem, STD, HIV, and AIDS lessons have been completed.
  • A fitness-level testing initiative is administered by the Garrett County Health Department to stress the importance of good health and fitness.
  • Art activities, agricultural and food sustainability lessons, and prevention topics including tobacco, drug, prescription drug, alcohol, and nutrition are all part of the weekly curriculum.  
Data Discussion

For FY22:  As the Partners After School program closed out the year, reinvigorated engagement was evident in the 54% increase in average daily attendance from the 2nd to 4th quarter.  COVID has continued to impact the program with improvements to both attendance and enrollment in the second half of the year.  A total of 34 students enrolled in the program with some leaving for sports, schedule changes or relocation.  With regard to strategic goals within the program, ten (10) students were affected by incarceration, nine (9) were affected by disconnection, thirty one (31) were affected by hunger, two (2) were affected by homelessness, twenty one (21) were affected by ACEs, and seven (7) were affected by out-of-home placements.  *(information captured at the time of registration).

Data for the following performance measures were not available due to the fact that MCAP results are mailed to the parents of students during the summer months and after regular programming had ended. 

  • #/% of students served 30+ days in grades 3-8 who achieve approaching expectations (3) or better in Reading/English as measured by the MCAP Diagnostic or other standardized testing instrument.
  • #/% of students served 30+ days in grades 3-8 who achieve approaching expectations (3) or better in Math as measured by the MCAP Diagnostic or other standardized testing instrument.

These measures will not be included in the performance measures for the Partners After School program in FY23. 

For HFY1 22:  Since the first day of the program on September 29th, there have been 36 days of programming with an average attendance of 8 students per night.  COVID has continued to impact the program as students, staff, and their families test positive or are impacted by quarrantine or isolation requirements.  The program continues to accept applications and referrals with several from school social workers.  Staff report the students love the program and the behaviors and attitudes of the referred students have improved since beginning the program.  

For FY21:  The program did not perform as anticipated.  Because of COVID restrictions and limited access to the school building at the beginning of the school year, recruitment efforts were limited.  Expecting students to log on for virtual learning during the day and again in the evening for additional virtual programming through PAS was taxing for both the student and the family.  Because of this, program participation numbers suffered.  The PAS program will return to in-person programming for the 2021-2022 school year with recruitment efforts already underway within the school system and among other participating referral agencies.  

For HFY1 21:  The Partners After School program has experienced many starts and stops to programming due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  With the delayed start to the school year, the PAS program did not begin until October 26th with a lack of access to both students and program space.  The PAS program met for four (4) nights of in-person programming before the county returned to the virtual red COVID-19 model.  Program staff and the Director immediately began planning for a virtual program which started on 11/23/2020.  The goal was for PAS participants to engage in a variety of activities that encouraged positive mental, social, and physical growth.  Using the Google Meets virtual platform, students were able to join PAS staff Monday - Wednesday to participate in programming.  Partnerships with the Department of Social Services, University of Maryland Extension office, and the Garrett County Public Schools Meals Department helped to supplement programming during this time.  Along with three nights of virtual programming, weekly mentoring sessions and check-ins were conducted by staff every Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday, PAS staff deliver a week's worth of meals to every participant's home.  Supplies and materials are also delivered at this time along with newsletters that highlight the program activities and events.  An ACEs education section has been added to the monthly newsletters to educate families on the effects of ACEs.  Because of program interruption due to COVID restrictions, only 29 days of programming were conducted during the first half of the 2020/2021 school year, negatively impacting performance measures with a 30-day requirement.  

For FY20:  a request was made to the Local Management Board (LMB) to lower the number of students admitted to the PAS program because of the high-needs of the children who participate.   The Evaluation and Monitoring Committee met with the Partners After School Director and staff to discuss the changes on September 11th, 2019.  The Evaluation and Monitoring Committee recommended to the Local Management Board that the PAS program continue 5 days per week with a staff to student ratio of 1:7 with all students meeting one or more of the Governor's Office for Children Priority populations.  The recommendation was accepted.  The current number of PAS participants is 28.  Twenty-eight of the Partners After School students meet one or more of the following strategic goals:

  • Governor Hogan:  Reduce Childhood Hunger and Reduce the Impact of Incarceration on Children, Families, and Communities
  • Maryland's Child Well Being Results:  Children are Successful in School; Families are Safe and Economically Stable

Because of this request and the reduction of the number of students involved in the program, most performance measures for the PAS program are trending downward in FY20 when compared to FY19.  

#/% of Students with Parents Under Correctional Supervision

PAS School Year Number of Students Percentage of Students
PAS 2014-2015 SY 15/54 27.7%
PAS Summer
9/25 36%
PAS School Year 
20/51 39%
PAS Summer
11/40 27.5%
PAS 2016-2017 SY 16/55 29%

PAS Summer 2016

10/40 25%
PAS 2018-2019 SY 16/40


PAS 2019-2020 SY

15/28 54%
PAS 2021-2022 7/31 23%
Measurement Tool Used

Report Cards; MCAP; Strategic Goal Population Questionnaire; CSQ-8 Survey; Free and Reduced Meal data for each school.

Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
% Change
FY 2022
FY 2022
FY 2022
Scorecard Result Container Indicator Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy