Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents (Somerset County FY17 and beyond - Annual)

Story Behind the Curve

FY20 HFY2: Due to Covid 19 the mediation session were not able to continue because staff was not allowed inside of the Eastern Correctional Institution therefore data was not provided.

The law enforcement portion of the Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents program was initially implemented in FY16 using a resource development grant from GOC. Additional program components were merged into the SCOAP program in FY17. Performance measures are not comparable to FY16.


Somerset County State's Attorney's Office, Maryland State Police, Princess Anne Police, Crisfield Police, Somerset County's Sheriff's Office, Dept. of Juvenile Services, Dept. of Social Services, Dept. of Health, Eastern Correctional Institution, Parole and Probation, Recovery & Re-entry Center, Circuit Court Family Services, Garland Hayward Youth Center, It Takes a Village Youth Center, Eastern Shore Psychological Services

Program Summary

Engage incarcerated parents at the Somerset County Detention Center and Eastern Correctional Institution in family mediation services and re-entry coordination, provide training and resources for law enforcement, and follow-up on cases involving children of an incarcerated parent.

Target Population

The target population is incarcerated, previously incarcerated or reentering parents at the Somerset County Detention Center and Eastern Correctional Institution, children of incarcerated parents and their caregivers. Additionally, the program targets law enforcement who may come in contact with children during or after a parental arrest.

Promising Practice/Model/EBP Employed

The Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents program uses a variety of evidence-based strategies, including inmate re-entry,

community policing,

community mediation and the Safeguarding Children of Arrested Parents curriculum for law enforcement to address the unique needs of children of incarcerated parents, their parents and caregivers.

How the Program Serves the SB882 Population

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Governor's Strategic Goal

Impact of Incarceration

Disconnected Youth

Childhood Hunger

Youth Homelessness

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