Intervention & Case Management for Youth of Incarcerated Parents (Washington FY18 and Beyond Annual)

  • Washington County Detention Center
  • Washington County Day Reporting Center
  • Washington County Public Schools
  • Department of Social Services
  • Bester Community of Hope and Sanmar
  • Beacon House
Action Plan

Improve local data collection with partners such as the Detention Center and Washington County Public Schools. Increase self-referrals and develop better relations with community referral sources. Develop and implement an advisory committee consisting of community members that represent the population being served by the program.

Program Summary

This program specifically serves youth and their caregivers with at least one parent currently incarcerted.  Services provided to participants include family assessment, case management, referrals to resources and services, quarterly parenting/caregiver classes as well as educational workshops that include school readiness/school success resources. 

Target Population

Youth ages 0 - 18 along with their caregivers with at least one parent currently incarcerated at the Washington County Detention Center or Washington County Day Reporting Center. 

Governor's Strategic Goal

Impact of Incarceration on Children and Families 

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