Family Navigation (Queen Anne's County FY18 and Beyond - Annual)

Story Behind the Curve

FY 20 The program has mostly been trending in a positive direction; however, due to the Pandemic operations had to be revised to include a fully remote visiting program. This is the reasoning behind three of the following performance measures having a decline: number of eligible families served by a Navigator; number of participants who attend at least 66% for one of the two 6-week parenting sessions; and number of signed referral agreements with partnering agencies during the reporting period. 

Program Summary

Family Navigation is a part of Maryland Coalition of Families (MCF). A Family Navigator works as peer support specialist with families impacted by incarceration as well as building relationships in the community with partners who work with incarcerated caregivers, children and youth impacted by incarceration and children and youth with behavioral health needs. 

The was established for the Family Navigator to assist famlies and empower them to self-advocate for their child(ren)'s behavioral health needs. They help them to navigate resources to better serve their family. Services can include the IEP process, social service needs, basic necessities and housing. The Family Navigator is dedicated in improving the relationship between the children and incarcerated parent/caregiver. 


Target Population

FY19: Target Population - families with a currently/formerly incarcerated parent, guardian, or loved one.

FY20: Target Population - families with a currently/formerly incarcerated parent/caregiver. The target is 15 served. 

FY21: Target 20

FY22: Target 25

Local Highlight

FY20: Family Navigation has been very successful in finding resources to empower families, and has supported them with the IEP process in the school system. In one case vignette the Navigator was able to work with a great grandmother who provides kinship care to four children. The Navigator was able to provide the great grandmother with a myriad of resources available in the community and has exponentially increased her ability to advocate for her great grand childrens needs. 

Local Highlight

FY20: Family Navigation has been very successful in finding resources to empower families, and has supported them with the IEP process in the school system. 

FY22: Coffee socials for participants to socialize. 

Data Discussion

HF 1 The Empowerment Survey is given when a case is opened at the beginning of their engagement and at the end of working with a family. The Satisfaction Surveys have the same new regulation. Therefore, data was not collected for the Empowerment Survey or Satisfaction Survey. New performance measures are being researched since these are no longer appropriate. 

HF 2 The Empowerment Survey was reevaluated and the Navigator was able to have 2 clients complete. In FY 20, the Empowerment Survey will be given every 6 months to ensure there is an appropriate measure available. The Family Satisfaction Surveys will also be revised so more clients will be able to complete the survey. 

HFY20 1 The following measures were discontinued for FY 20: Partipipants who report satisfcation with Family Navigation Services after 6 months of particpation; # of families who maintain their relationship with the Family Navigator for 3 months or more by responding to or initiating no less than one contact per month; and families who report positive reconnection with incarcerated or faormerly incarcerated parent within first year. These performance measures were replaced because there were more important aspects to measure. There seems to be a vast improvement of clients served, and have met their annual goals. 

Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
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