Career Pathways (Talbot FY18 - Annual)

Story Behind the Curve
  • recruitment was a challenge resulting in low numbers enrolled
  • low numbers allowed for more individual attention and successes
  • many potential participants did not meet the population requirements as they were employed part-time and thus not "Disconnected Youth" according to the GOC definition
  •   DLLR

  • DORS
  • Chesapeake College
  • Talbot County Dept of Social Services
  • Judy Center
  • Talbot County Public Schools
  • Neighborhood Service Center
  • BAAM
  • Various other service providers were also outreached
Action Plan

Modified program in FY19 to focus more on recruitment and relationship building as well as pre-employment skills and awarded the contract to a different vendor. 

  • Build partnerships
  • Create recruitment plan
  • Enroll participants
Program Summary

Career Pathways training program – provides pre-employment education, training, certification, and career opportunities for Disconnected Youth - resulting in reconnection.

Target Population

Disconnected Youth (ages 16 – 24 not working or in school) in Talbot County

Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
% Change
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