Sustainable Somerset (Somerset County FY17 and beyond -annual)

Story Behind the Curve

The pogram is new in FY17. Several components will not be implemented until the spring/summer of 2017 as they are warm weather activities such as gardening and fishing instruction. Cooking/nutrition classes were hampered by a vendor that failed to perform as required under contract. The Board voided the contract and a new vendor was selected. Cooking/nutrition classes are now slated to begin in late April 2017. There is no prior year data for comparison.


Somerset County Commissioners, Somerset County Public Schools, Maryland
State Police, Maryland Natural Resources Police, Princess Anne Police,
Crisfield Police, Somerset County's Sheriff's Office, Dept. of Juvenile
Services, Dept. of Social Services, Dept. of Health, Eastern Correctional
Institution, Parole and Probation, Recovery & Re-entry Center, Catholic
Charities Seton Center, Healthy Families Lower Shore, The Judy Center
Partnership, Circuit Court Family Services, Garland Hayward Youth Center, It
Takes a Village Youth Center, Town of Princess Anne, Somerset County Recreation
and Parks, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Eastern Shore Psychological
Services, Maryland Food Bank

Program Summary

Sustainable Somerset is designed to reduce the impact of childhood hunger in the community, through a series of smart cooking, child nutrition and sustainable small agriculture projects. The program will provide weekly healthy cooking classes for a child and parent, will support a community garden project in conjunction with the federally-funded Local Foods, Local Places initiative, fishing instruction and sustainability, vegetable gardening and nutrition information in afterschool programs, and an anti-hunger and community outreach event.

Target Population

The target population for the cooking classes, community gardens, field day event and fishing instruction is families in Somerset County with children that meet the edibility requirements for Free and Reduced Meals.

Gardening and healthy eating activities in the after school program will be targeted to children grades K-5 in Princess Anne and Crisfield. Community anti-hunger event will target poverty level families in the Princess Anne and Greenwood elementary school catchment areas in Princess Anne.

FY20: The Judy Center will provide free weekly healthy cooking classes for children and families enrolled in its program at sites in both Princess Anne and Crisfield. Recruitment is handled via consultation with correctional institutions, parole and probation, social services, juvenile services, the school system, and self-referral.

Promising Practice/Model/EBP Employed

My Pyramid - Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

Governor's Strategic Goal

Childhood Hunger

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