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Local Care Team Administration (Washington County) Annual

Story Behind the Curve

A request for proposals was released August 31, 2018 with a submission deadline of October 1, 2018. No proposals were received by the deadline. Feedback was received from a few organizations that were surveyed. A consistent response received stated the amount of salary was not sufficent for the qualifications required. Another downside for prospective applicants was the lack of operating costs for the position. Local organizations felt that they were the ideal agency to take on the role but did not want to cause a financial strain on their agency to make it work. 

Due to a delay in the Purchasing Departments schedule a revised request for proposals was released on December 27, 2018. A preproposal conference was held on January 7th and 2 agencies attended. The submission deadline is January 28, 2019. Once any proposals are received the Coordinating Committee will review and rank the proposals. The Coordinating Committee will then meet to discuss the proposals for a selection.

In FY18, Washington County Local Management Board received waiver approval on March 7, 2018, to allow the Board to contract with a local entity to provide a Local Care Team Coordinator. Due to the fact the the LMB did not know the award amount for FY19, there was a delay in issuing a Request for Proposals. A Coordinator will be in place and collecting data for FY19.


Program Summary

Under Maryland Code (Human Services §8-407) a Local Care Team shall: 

1) be a forum for: 

    a) families of children with intensive needs to receive assistance with the identification of individual needs and potential resources to meet identified                 needs; and 

    b) interagency discussions and problem solving for individual child and family needs and systemic needs; 

2) refer children and families to: 

    a) care management entities when appropriate; and 

    b) available local and community resources; 

3) provide training and technical assistance to local agency and community partners; 

4) identify and share resource development needs and communicate with the care management entity, local core service agencies, provider networks, local management boards, and other local care teams in surrounding jurisdictions; and 

5) discuss a request for a voluntary placement agreement for a child with a developmental disability or a mental illness under § 5-525 of the Family Law Article. 

Target Population

The Local Care Team will serve families of children with intensive needs.

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