Adult Learning Center (ALCs)

What We Do

Adult Learning Center (ALC) sites are designed to address the individual needs of adult students through adult education programs and activities. Adult Education provides an opportunity for mature students to improve or achieve education levels equivalent to those of high-school graduates. Standardized tests identify existing skill levels, appropriate instruction, and academic gains due to instruction.

Who We Serve

More than 30,000 learners are enrolled in Michigan Adult Education programs each year. While adult learners average 30 years of age, each learner must be more than 18 years old with education competencies below the level of high-school graduates. The education goals of Adult Learners may include achieving one's personal dream, learning to read, getting a better job, gaining access to postsecondary education, setting a good example for their children, and gaining citizenship, among others.


FGLN is partnered with ten organizations across the community that have chosen to serve as Adult Learning Centers.

How We Impact

Each ALC is equipped with a designated Site-Coordinator to provide volunteer tutors and adult learners with support services and guidance to assist them in meeting their goals. These ALCs are focused broadly on the following engagement types:

  • Adult Education specift

  • Opportunity Youth (16-24) / Adults 18+ specific

  • Flint Family Literacy specific

  • English as a Second Language ESL specific

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