Strengthening Families (Anne Arundel FY17 and Beyond) - Annual

Program Summary

The Strengthening Families cycle will be focused on families served in the Brooklyn Park Community of Hope. It will be used to help address the impacts of incarceration.

Target Population

Families in Brooklyn Park, specifically those impacted by incarceration.

Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
% Change
Story Behind the Curve

In FY18 the Strengthening Families program was reduced from two cycles by separate vendors to one cycle operated by the more successful of the two vendors. This cycle continues to have excellent outcomes, predominately serving families impacted by incarceration to help strengthen family relationships and communication skills and to assist family members in building protective factors that will further support the family in the months and years ahead.

This cycle only one family did not graduate the program and that was due to a serious issue beyond their control that caused them to have to leave the program mid-cycle. All other participating families were very successful and saw large improvements on the Parenting & Family Self-Assessment.

  • The Partnership's Systems of Care program
  • Community of Hope
  • Local faith institutions
  • Dept. of Detention Facilities
  • A.A. Co. Health Department
  • A.A. Co. Public Schools
  • Public Defenders Office
  • The Peak Youth Services
  • JIFI Project
  • YES program
  • court system
What Works
  • Fidelity to Strengthening Family model and curriculum
  • Program leaders/staff that include previous participants that found success in the program
  • Additional opportunities for children and families to engage and relate to each other (and other program families) in social and informal settings
  • Referrals from criminal justice system to ensure service to families impacted by incarceration
  • Referrals from other Partnership-funded programs and initiatives to ensure service to families impacted by incarceration
Action Plan

As this program is performing well there are no action items at this time.

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