Youth Empowerment Services (Anne Arundel FY17 and beyond) - Annual

Program Summary

A successful in-school mentoring program focused on high risk youth from low income families who are at risk of dropping out.

Target Population

High-risk youth at Brooklyn Park Middle School and North County High School in North County, particularly those who are impacted by incarceration.

Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
% Change
Story Behind the Curve
  • Most youth referred to this program have a myriad of complex challenges that are often a barrier to school success including their living situations, poverty, food insecurity, trauma, etc.
  • The YES team made tremendous strides with this group this year! Between mid-year and end-of-year reporting, the youth in the program showed huge improvements in attendance and academic performance. 
  • Staff work closely with youth, family and other school staff to address a child's needs holistically
  • Approaches designed to not only support academics but to help them make healthy choices, develop resiliency, and build protective factors
  • Help enrolled youth identify goals and aspirations for their lives and then build a plan to help them achieve those goals


  • Youth themselves
  • Family members of the enrolled youth
  • School staff - teachers, administrators, coaches, etc.
  • Community partners who are also serving these same youth & families to ensure a more holistic approach


What Works
  • Use of action plans
  • Strength-based and trauma-informed approach
  • ARISE curriculum
  • Strong relationships with other key adults - parents, caregivers, teachers, administrators, etc.
  • Holistic approach to addressing youth's needs
  • Helping youth build resiliency and develop protective factors


Action Plan

There is no action plan for this program as it is achieving strong outcomes. 


Data Discussion

Data for How Much measures is taken from enrollment logs.

Data for How Well measure is calculated through review of each enrolled youth's Individuallized Action Plan.

Data for Better Off measures is drawn from report card data for each youth provided by the school.


Scorecard Result Container Indicator Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy