The Peak Youth Services (Anne Arundel FY17 and Beyond) - Annual

Program Summary

The Peak YSB offers services to our targeted populations in North County, including a recovery club house for teens. Referrals will be made from each of our super-connector navigators and our community partners for behavioral health. The YSB will be required to offer trauma based cognitive behavioral therapy; family trauma based cognitive behavioral therapy and Aggression Replacement Training. 

Target Population

Children and youth served in Anne Arundel County, particularly North County (the area of highest need) with a focus on serving disconnected youth, homeless youth and children and families impacted by incarceration.

Story Behind the Curve
  • Original vendor went out of business in the spring of 2018 and there was a gap in services as the program transitioned to a new vendor
  • The new vendor also meant a new location for services which impacted some clients
  • New vendor decided not to pursue YSB certification and chose not to renew CAFAS licenses
  • Some clients were lost due to the transition despite the best efforts of program staff

Program partners include:

  • The Partnership's Systems of Care program
  • DSS
  • Anne Arundel County Public Schools
  • United Way Family Stability programs 
  • JIFI project
  • Community of Hope
  • Faith community
  • DJS
What Works
  • Exploring transportation alternatives for clients that wanted to continue services but for whom the change in location proved challenging
  • Extensive follow-up with existing clients during transition
  • Staff efforts to re-engage clients after the move and maintain good and consistent communication 
What Works

As this particular issue was created largely through a one-time incident related to a change in vendors (and so location), we do not anticipate an issue with this measure in FY19 now that the program has fully transitioned and is stable in it's new home and location. However, the staff continues to:

  • Work with partners to address transportation issues for clients where and when possible
  • Communicate with clients consistently to ensure proper follow-up and continuity in therapeutic relationships
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