HOMEBUILDERS Program (Annual)

Program Summary

HOMEBUILDERS® is an evidence-based, Intensive Family Preservation Program designed to strengthen families in order to prevent unnecessary out-of-home placements or return children from foster care, group care, psychiatric hospitals, or correctional institutions. Families that will be served by this intensive, in-home, family therapy model have children in imminent danger of placement, or have children in placement that cannot be reunified without intensive services.  

HOMEBUILDERS® provides intensive in-home supports which include helping families manage stress as well as their own past trauma, substance abuse, and mental health issues which directly impact their ability to adequately care for their child(ren).   Communities with similar demographics, socio- economic conditions, and community resources have successfully implemented this model as a targeted intervention to keep children safe in their homes and reduce out of home placements.


As a 2 Generation strategy, The HOMEBUILDERS® program directly provides services to children/adolescents and addresses behavioral/emotional problems, aggression/anger, truancy, and running away.  For parents the program directly provides services to address family conflict and violence, poor parenting skills, depression, aggression/anger, substance abuse, child abuse, and neglect.

Target Population

The target population is families with children birth to 17 who are at imminent risk of an out of home placement or cannot be reunified with their family as the result of parental substance use and incarceration.  The Allegany County Department of Social Services will make all referrals to the HOMEBUILDERS® Program.

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