Roving Radish/Weekend Warriors Snack Packs-Annual


Howard County Public School System, Howard County Public Library, Howard County Community Non-profits, Howard County Fire-Fighters, Howard County Community Volunteers etc...

What Works

The abundance of volunteers and their support. The collaborations and partnerships works well-from the community non-profits to the Howard County Library and Howard County School System.

Program Summary

The Roving Radish sells affordable healthy meal kits sources from local and regional farms. The meal kit includes two recipes and ingredients to prepare two dinners for a family of four. The meals are sold at a subsidized price each weekly during specific time periods.  In partnership, Howard County Public Schools and Roving Radish provide free weekend snack packs every Friday during a specific time period.

Target Population

Families, and children under the age of 18 in Howard County.


Local Highlight

Food Access COVID19 Contingency Plan-Roving Radish

LCB works with Roving Radish to launch early and add a free component to the program.

Phase I: Office of Aging Independence continues to provide meal service to their seniors and via Roving Radish DCRS provides free home delivery of groceries to those who qualify based on established criteria.

Phase II: Roving Radish is launched early and provides a third tier of free meal kits to those residents that meet the criteria.

Phase III: If strategies in phase I and II are at capacity and the surge is greater than what can be provided then DCRS/LCB will examine current data to understand geographically where clusters of need exist and then overlay those areas with closed food pantries. The goal would be to work with partners to get those closed food pantries up and running.

Protocol for Food Requests (Questions)

Are you having difficulty financially accessing food or can you afford food you just can’t access it? If no financial hardship – refer to Roving Radish program (paid version) and or grocery stores. If no financial hardship, but you can’t get to food. How many people are in your household? Is anyone 60 and older -if yes – home delivery through OOAI through Neighbor Ride. If no, grocery store home delivery like Peapod

Have you been required to quarantine by a health professional because you or someone you’ve been in contact with has been lab-tested positive for COVID-19? If yes, regardless of their ability to pay they would qualify for free home delivery during their two-week quarantine through Roving Radish.

Have you accessed the Howard County Food Bank if they are having a financial hardship? Yes -when was the last time you accessed the food bank. If greater than 30 days, they can go back to the food bank. If within 30 days and need more food, then food bank isn’t an option.

Do you have transportation to get to a food pick-up site? Yes – refer to nearest pantry or food bank if applicable. No – Are you 60 and older. Yes – congregate meal program – 15 minutes to fill out the form, do you have time – yes complete on the phone; no send them the form and they email it back. No – then DCRS home delivery via Roving Radish

*Marchelle LeBlanc is the point person for referrals related to Roving Radish and for home delivery via Roving Radish*



1. Are you able to purchase food? If yes, pay for Roving Radish and grocery stores

2. Are you receiving any kind of food subsidy like FARMS, SNAP or WIC. If yes, they only must pay $16 for two meal kits per wk. that serve a family of four. If no, it’s only $36 for two meal to serve a family of four per week. If no, if a slot is available, they can receive a free Roving Radish meal kit as well as qualify for free home delivery of groceries through Roving Radish.

As the surge increases and the LCB track geographic location of need circle back to closed pantries to partner to reopen them

Keep communication clear with partners like HCPSS about role and protocol

Once food is available determine if able to continue to serve individual clients or do have set days, times and locations we are available

Ensure protocol is finalized for front line staff

Finalize capacity for free meal kits and food delivery

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