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Integrating Family Services

Vermont statute Act 186 (2014) establishes outcomes and indicators that are intended to align programs and strategies across the state toward the same ends; the IFS outcomes come directly from Act 186. Population Indicators will be available to IFS regions through an AHS Scorecard. This information will be used by IFS Regional Governance Teams to inform how they target supports and services. IFS regions are not solely responsible for bending the curve on population indicators; rather there will be performance measures IFS regions have and the thought is those measures will positively impact trend data in whole population health. An entire community is responsible for population level indicators.

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What We Do

The Department of Mental Health is a major partner in the Agency of Human Services Integrating Family Services initiative. IFS brings together different programs and funding streams within AHS to create a single, flexible service delivery and payment system for services and supports to children, youth and their families so that practice and planning better match their needs.

DMH has two participating providers: Counseling Services of Addison County (CSAC) and Northeast Counseling and Support Services (NCSS). These providers work with the Parent Child Centers in their respective regions.

Who We Serve

This initiative provides supports and services to children, youth and families (prenatal to age 22).

How We Impact

Bringing these programs and funding streams together the following performance measures focus on whether Vermonters are better off as a result of this initiative. They do so by looking at the quality and efficiency of these programs and services.

Budget Information

Budget description: Childrens Community Services to include Emergency Services, Childrens case rates, peer services and Misc. Grants

FY 22 Actual FY 23 Budget FY 24 Draft Governor Recommend
$53,176,860 $58,881,465 $58,981,662
FYQ1 2024

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