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Result 2: Mental Health

Indicator Data: For the indicators of community well-being/need (preceded by a yellow "I"), the most recent available data is provided. Some of this data is published sporadically or with a 2-3 year lag. To see data by category for those indicators that have a "DISAGGREGATED DATA AVAILABLE" tag, click on the grey "+" button to the left of the measure, then the "Trend Line Comparison" button at the top right of the graph. 

Program Perfomance Measure Data: Local programs' outcomes data (preceded by an orange "PM") is reported at a minimum annually. To the general public, this data is provided in the aggregate only (i.e. data of multiple partner agencies; these partner agencies are listed in the "Partners" section of each PM).

*Please note that this Scorecard is live and includes data as submitted. FY22-23 data reporting is currently in progress and should be understood as partial. Additionally, new data points are being added with the adoption of a revised Strategy Map in May 2023. Thanks for your grace in the "construction" phase.

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