Mental health and wellbeing are fundamental to quality of life in Jersey

Long-term perspective

Mental wellbeing can be a key factor in determining physical wellbeing. It can also influence social circumstances such as employment, family relationships and community participation. Everyone should be supported, as far as possible, to achieve and maintain optimum mental health.

Medium-term focus: the Government Plan 2020-23

A Government Plan 2020-23 priority is to improve Islanders’ wellbeing and mental and physical health. This includes a commitment to significantly improve access to mental health services, give equal importance to mental and physical health and invest in our mental health environment and building infrastructure.

How is Jersey doing?
Why Is This Important?

Good mental health is crucial to the overall wellbeing of individuals and society. The consequences of mental health problems for an individual or family can be considerable and wide-ranging. Work life, social life and family life can be greatly affected and the social and economic costs are considerable.

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