Summer Scholars Rise Academy HCPSS (FY20 and Beyond)

This is a semi-annual scoredcard for the summer programing.

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What Works

The partnership between the enrichment program and the school is positive. It is a true collaboration in which the school and the enrichment program work together as a team. The accessibility of the youth from the school assist greatly in obtaining the youth needed for the program. The parents and staff willingness and participation in having the youth become engaged in the program. The school allowing the program to operate at a school facility is a great help to both the youth, parents and staff. (The model is still the same. However, due to COVID19 the program went virtual).

What We Do

Summer Scholars HCPSS provides academic intervention/preparation for Algebra I and English support to middle school students. Knowing that a leading predictor of high school graduation is the successful completion of Algebra I by the end of a student’s ninth grade year, the program exposes youth to the concepts prior to the ninth-grade year to increase numbers of students passing Algebra I in eighth and/or ninth grade. (Covid19 changed services slightly-Staff did not provide academic. However provided support to enrichment teachers to include academics within enrichment).

Program Summary

A comprehensive summer learning program that provides academic supports in English Language Arts, math, and social/emotional learning to middle school students attending the feeder schools of the lowest performing high schools in the county who are over age and under credited. The goal of the program is to ensure successful transitions from middle to high school as close to on grade level as possible while preventing disconnection by increasing the likelihood of succes in school and the completion of high school graduation and post-secondary success. (COVID19 Changes Summer Virtual Program Padlet: )

Target Population

31 middle school youth across four middle schools. Student are hand selected by school principals using the following criteria: student who are over age and undercredited, FARMS.

Data Discussion

Howard County Public School was not funded by GOC funds. Howard County funded their portion of the program. 

Data Source

Data Discussion Note:

This program is in conjunction with Summer Scholars LTYC Enrichment Program. The data is the same due to the program is one program with two different Grantees. Both Grantees together create one program Summer Scholars, serving the same youth. 

FY 2021
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