Summer Scholars Rise Academy LTYC (FY20 and Beyond)

Semi-Annual Scorecard for Howard County Afterschool Enrichment Program

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Story Behind the Curve

​​​​​This was the first year of returning back in person from the pandemic. Many changes occurred with the program that resulted in a decrease in survey responses as well as a decrease in the population. Although students returned, there were still students experiencing COVID related challenges such as consisitent absence due to sickness or planned family vacations (relief from not being able to travel as they would have wanted without COVID concerns). The misunderstandings in communication between the school system and the program also, added to the reduced numbers of youth attendance. 


Changes in the program also impacted the attendance and participation level. Instead of having students transition from one activity to the next, students were instructed to remain in one classroom. Students needed more free time and outdoor time especially with being closed in for such a time.  The gym could be used. However, there was a limit of time so that everyone could use it with keeping COVID rules in place. 


The return to reopening also gave way to the school system and LTYC relearning how to work together. Although, the program had its successes, being able to remove the obstacles with having a better communication between the organizations would have reduced the challenges that developed within the programing. 


Planning meetings will be established prior to further funding-along with guideline checklist for both parties to adhere to. 


What We Do

Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, Inc. enriches the lives of thousands of youth in the Maryland and District of Columbia school systems, empowering them to develop their artistic talents and achieve their greatest potential.  LTYC is committed to fostering positive social development, academic success and creativity in the minds of youth today. Their mission is to teach youth the fundamentals of leadership and encourage them to use their gifts and strengths to promote success and balance in their lives. LTYC offers the following enrichments: dance, theatre, vocal or general music, visual arts, creative writing, media arts, STEM, physical health, culinary arts, and martial arts. The activities chosen to be provided during the program will first be based on student interest via a survey given ahead of the program, and also staffing availability. Through these opportunities students may learn more specialized topics such as drumming, mime, African dance, and stage makeup. A sports activity is also provided for students.

Leaders of Tomorrow Health Center, Inc. utilizes the Enriched Structural Family Therapy Model that aligns with components found in the framework of CASEL Social and Emotional Learning Model. The strengths of youth and their families are identified at the onset of building rapport and confidence in the relationship that LTYC embarks on with community members. LTYC impacts growth, self-awareness, effective social skills and interpersonal skills incorporates mindfulness techniques that further increase accountability ethics for youth. Conflict resolution skills, self-discipline, impulse control and stress management are topics presented to youth through using interactive, artistic and innovative approaches. Instructors incorporate mindfulness practices when engaging youth to promote accountability and identification of choices. LTYC’s approach explores a holistic concept for engaging youth that encompasses the youth's mind, spirit and physical presence. LTYC explores social awareness topics with youth to educate them on societal norms such as major current events, history, cultures and their role in society. Through connecting youth to global lens, it is found that they broaden their expectations for life and aspire to meet their full potential. (Due to COVID19, provided program virtually). Program is on Padlet:

Program Summary

A comprehensive summer learning program that provides enrichment supports to the Summer Scholars Rise Academy HCPSS in social/emotional learning to middle school students attending the feeder schools of the lowest performing high schools in the county who are over age and under credited. The goal of the program is to ensure successful transitions from middle to high school as close to on grade level as possible while preventing disconnection by increasing the likelihood of succes in school and the completion of high school graduation and post-secondary success. (Due to COVID19, provided program virtually)

Target Population

31 youth participating in virtual program.

Data Discussion

This program is in conjunction with Summer Scholars HCPSS Academic Program. The performance measures are the same as Summer Scholars LTYC due to the program is one program with two different Grantees. Both Grantees together create one program Summer Scholars, serving the same youth. (Due to COVID19, provided program virtually)

Data Source
FY 2022
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