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Mental Health & Substance Abuse

A group of subject matter experts developed a series of strategies and tactics that we believe will contribute positive impact related to the two Bold Goals related to Mental Health and Substance Abuse. These strategies and tactics are:

  • Prevention
    • Develop projects (i.e. trainings, campaigns) that help sector groups (a church, a place of business, a service organization) implement a culture of positive mental health and wellness practices
    • Community-based strategies to increase awareness and outreach to destigmatize mental health and increase access to services
    • Connection to basic needs
  • Early Intervention
    • Co-locating services
    • Workforce development (address shortage in mental health professionals)
    • First Responder engagement
    • Equitable access to school-based programs and services
  • Treatment and Recovery
    • Increase accessibility to affordable treatment and services
    • Workforce Development (increase number of treatment providers)
    • Education and training on hiring and retaining the ALICE population
    • Increasing access to peer support services
  • Data Collection and Evalution
    • Standardized data collection
    • Community level baseline data
    • Program evaluations

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Clear Impact Suite is an easy-to-use, web-based software platform that helps your staff collaborate with external stakeholders and community partners by utilizing the combination of data collection, performance reporting, and program planning.

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