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Early Childhood

A group of subject matter experts developed a series of strategies and tactics that we believe will contribute positive impact related to the two Bold Goals related to Early Childhood Development. These strategies and tactics are:

  • Supported Families - Families are accessing resources to support them in raising their children.
    • Maternal, Prenatal, and Newborn Education
    • Educational Support for all Family Members
    • Positive Family/Child Interactions
    • Family Mental Health
    • Business and Community Awareness
  • Health and Development - Focus on wellness for all families to meet health and developmental milestones.
    • Access to Healthcare
    • Food Security/ Physical Activity/Safe, Stable and Nurturing Environments
    • Prenatal Care
    • Social/Emotional Screenings and Services
  • Early Learning - Early Learning experiences that include equitable access to educational resources and affordable, quality care.
    • Career navigation programs
    • Peer mentor programs
    • Education and training on hiring and retaining the ALICE population
    • Workforce development and skills training programs

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