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2. New Mexico State Plan on Aging October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2025

The Older Americans Act of 1965 requires all State Units on Aging (SUA) receiving Older Americans Act (OAA) funding to prepare and publish a “State Plan on Aging.” New Mexico’s SUA is designated as New Mexico’s Aging and Long-Term Services Department (ALTSD) and has prepared the October 2021–September 2025 State Plan on Aging as a roadmap for programs and services funded by the OAA.

Based on a revolutionized approach, the Plan has been designed to reflect New Mexico cultures and consumer landscape weaving diversity throughout. Initially to safeguard Plan achievement, tactics include: partnering with AAAs and Providers to implement modernized approaches; providing services to fulfill identified state gaps; developing and implementing innovative programs; bolstering services and quality of care across New Mexico with an emphasis in rural areas. Two specific examples are a focus on caregiver co-operatives and long-term care facility consumer protection. This Plan includes goals, objectives, strategies, performance measures, and performance dates, which are aligned with the OAA requirements. The action steps focus on sustainable and replicable programming that transforms, innovates, and expands aging services.

The New Mexico State Plan on Aging’s overarching purpose is to assist older adults and their caregivers to maintain independence, live safely, and autonomously. To achieve this, New Mexico will enhance the quality of programs through data standardization, program evaluation and outcome measurement as well as a focusing on four primary goals:

Goal 1— Ensure high-quality home and community-based services and supports including provisions for families and caregivers.

Goal 2— Implement evidenced-based services to establish a continuum of care and supports in the community that improve autonomy, choice, and outcomes to consumers.

Goal 3— Establish innovative care and support services that allows consumer control and choice, while assuring autonomy and is focused on an older adult’s continuum of care.

Goal 4— Reduce occurrences of abuse, neglect and exploitation while improving outcomes in communities and long-term care settings.

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