Organizational Change Management Unit

What We Do

Through collaborative partnerships with project teams and organizational leaders, Organizational Change Management (OCM) ensures that end users are ready, willing, and able to adopt major changes to processes and technology in order to improve outcomes for Vermonters.

Who We Serve

OCM works primarily on programs and projects within the DVHA IT Portfolio, collaborating with program management, project management, and leaders from business units impacted by the program and project work. We serve all end users impacted by change, from DVHA staff to Vermonters and everyone in between.

How We Impact

OCM works as a partner with impacted leaders and other business representatives to manage the communication, training effectiveness, organizational readiness, coaching, and sustainability efforts that will result in a successful implementation and adoption of the proposed change.

Action Plan

SFY20 priorities are:

  • Get new team members trained and up-to-speed on OCM best practices so that all applicable projects across the DVHA IT portfolio have the same high level of OCM support.
  • Create a consistent, repeatable process for all OCM team members to use in supporting projects. This includes checklists to identify required activities and associated deliverables, templates and tools to facilitate the work, and resources to support the execution of required tasks. 


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