Family Navigation (Baltimore County) FY18 and Beyond Annual

Story Behind the Curve

According to the FY2019 Out-of-Home Placement Report and Resource Plan, the County OOH placement rate for 2019 was 5.5. In actual numbers, the 2019 rate of 5.5 represents 661 County children and youth placed out-of-home.  The LMB considers Out-of-Home Placements to be an overarching indicator of the status of the behavioral health of the County’s most vulnerable children and youth.  


The large number of children and youth in out-of-home placement is a clear indication of the critical need in Baltimore County for prevention and early intervention strategies targeting ACEs and their behavioral health consequences. 


The families of children and youth with serious behavioral health needs face complex challenges when trying to identify and access services within the maze of agencies created to serve them. 



  • Catholic Charities
  • Baltimore County Local Care Team
  • Baltimore County child-serving agencies (DJS, BCPS, DSS, CSA, DDA, DORS)


Action Plan

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Program Summary

The Family Navigation Program provides a full range of navigation services to include outreach, screening and assessment, information and referral, family and/or individual support, and educational opportunities.  The program priority for Family Navigation is “Increasing trauma-informed services and preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).”  The Family Navigators assess the specific needs of the target population and work to link those families with and to facilitate access to appropriate service providers and resources, with the overarching goal of reducing out-of-home placements.  In addition, the Navigators provide educational workshops for families at their Family Resource Academy.  Navigators also provide parents with opportunities for peer-to-peer networking through community-based support groups as well as empower families to advocate for themselves and their children.


Target Population

Children, youth, and families who fall within the target population is families of children and youth with serious behavioral health conditions who need assistance with accessing information, systems and support services to effectively address those conditions.

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