Systems of Care (Anne Arundel FY17 and Beyond) - Annual

Program Summary

A partnership between all child-serving agencies to meet children and families’ basic needs in a cross system, collaborative model. The system includes crisis response, a 1-800 warm line, systems navigation, Earn Benefits Online, and three multi-disciplinary Care Teams (CRICT, Early Childhood CRICT and Silver CRICT)

Target Population

All families with children in Anne Arundel County. The system is pivoted towards our strategic focus on the geography/color of poverty in North County with a three population, three generation lens (kinship navigation) utilizing three super-connector navigators: Impact of Incarceration/Kinship, Homeless Youth, and Disconnected Youth.  We also have a Peer Navigator (a formerly disconnected youth), who serves as a coordinator of services and peer support to our disconnected and homeless youth.

Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
% Change
FY 2022
Story Behind the Curve
  • Consistent communication with families about their specific needs while identifying their specific strengths
  • Working with families - instead of for them - when coordinating or accessing services with county agencies or community organizations
  • Providing clear written records for families to use and follow as SOC staff help them work through the items on their action plan
  • Collaborative approach allows families to build their own skills and tools while improving their circumstances
  • A.A. Co. Public Schools
  • Crisis Response
  • A.A. Co. Mental Health Agency/Core Service Agency
  • DSS
  • A.A. Co. Health Department
  • DJS
  • HOPE for All
  • OIC
  • All Partnership funded programs
  • Community of Hope
  • Board of Childcare
  • Arundel Lodge
What Works
  • Strong relationships with child-serving agencies
  • A partnership model with families to work collaboratively on their issues (working with instead of for)
  • Use of CANS assessment to help identify family strengths as a foundation for progress
  • Making families feel heard, supported and respected
Action Plan

SOC is achieving great results so there are no action items at this time.

Data Discussion

All SOC data is captured, tracked and reported on utilizing the Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) web-based data platform.

Scorecard Result Container Indicator Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy