Local Care Team Administration (Kent County) Annual


Mandated Partners

  • Kent County Public Schools 
  • Kent County Department of Social Services
  • Kent County Health Department
  • Developmental Disabilities Administration Eastern Shore Regional Office
  • Kent County Department of Juvenile Services
  • Mid-Shore Behavioral Health (Core Service Agency)
  • Parents

Informal Partners

  • Eastern Shore Psychological Services 
  • Wraparound Maryland 
  • Compass Regional Hospice
  • Kent County Family Support Center
  • Maryland Coalition of Families
  • Kent County Behavioral Health
  • For All Seasons
  • Community Behavioral Health
Program Summary

Under Maryland Code (Human Services §8-407) a Local Care Team shall: 

1) be a forum for: 

    a) families of children with intensive needs to receive assistance with the identification of individual needs and potential resources to meet identified                 needs; and 

    b) interagency discussions and problem solving for individual child and family needs and systemic needs; 

2) refer children and families to: 

    a) care management entities when appropriate; and 

    b) available local and community resources; 

3) provide training and technical assistance to local agency and community partners; 

4) identify and share resource development needs and communicate with the care management entity, local core service agencies, provider networks, local management boards, and other local care teams in surrounding jurisdictions; and 

5) discuss a request for a voluntary placement agreement for a child with a developmental disability or a mental illness under § 5-525 of the Family Law Article. 

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